Wireless location of objects or people inside a building and navigate to your desired locations without any hassle


Exhaustive Tracking System with Efficient Vehicle Tracking including Route History replays, Geofencing, POIs


Comprehensive, cross-platform and end-to-end Supply Chain Management solutions


Exhaustive Dashboards and easy to read charts/reports for actionable insights with to reach maximum optimization and highest efficiency.


One of the most efficient Integrated Solutions with high levels of accuracy in route planning and scheduling to improve productivity, reduce costs and improve efficiency as well as Asset Utilization

Commercial Vehicle Tracking Solution

Commercial Vehicle Tracking Solution

Leading Vehicle Tracking Service Provider in India

GPSDesk’s School Bus Tracking System

GPSDesk’s School Bus Tracking System

Leading Vehicle Tracking service provider in India

GPSDesk’s Individual Car Tracking System

GPSDesk’s Individual Car Tracking System

Leading Vehicle Tracking Service Provider in India

About Us

We are pioneers in bringing the indigenous GPS in myriads of services tailored according to your needs.

GPSDesk is the grander more interactive version of its older self- Mycar City. Adapting to the changing times, the parent company Wish4tech decided to expand the potential of GPS services and make it accessible to EVERYONE from ANYWHERE.

Taking a positive stride towards the same, Mycar-city was elevated to cater to higher more responsive and reliable GPS data and location services and thus a grander GPS desk was born.

Upholding the same strong values GPS Desk today is one of the well established service providers in the realm of web-based Global Positioning System (G.P.S) Services for tracking of mobile and fixed assets like vehicle, pets, costly items, mobile phones etc. It offers board assortment of new age services Vehicle Live Tracking, Speed Tracking, Trip Tracking, Distance Tracking, Route Replay, Tracking of Engine On/Off, etc among many other one of its kind services.

All this comes from GPS- a service with a potential to unlock answers to almost every travel and logistic related issues. Our solutions and products are well engineered with the GPS and thus can be of service to an individual as well as a company operating large fleets of vehicles and assets.

What we do?

Our latest venture is a Web-based GPS Vehicle Tracking Services. We have put to use latest technology enriched, precision engineered products like Vehicle Tracking System, Personal Tracker, Pet Tracker, Surveillance Equipment, Etc. These product and services offer Authentic Real time close watch over various valuable assets. Our services further facilitate benefits like vehicle management, status of the asset; manage field service, tracing vehicle in emergency and much more with just a click of button. Our simple and interactive dashboards for each of the services make managing any number of asset movements with ease.

Our services are most suitable for Logistic Industry, Transport Service Industry, Fleet Managers, Tours and Travel Agencies, Sales Industry, Asset Tracking Industry, Security Agencies, School Administrators and Parents.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make Global Positioning System (G.P.S) accessible by everyone who need hassle and worry free movement of self and their valuable assets thus enhancing their security and safety in our immediate society. Use of GPS in for tracking of mobile and fixed assets is not yet very common in Delhi and NCR, with few users only. Mostly, it is used by police and security bodies but never has it been used at such industrial and personal level. This technology is highly benefiting with its usage in enhancing traffic security, reduce road crimes like theft, kidnapping, check waywardness towards traffic rules etc. In light of these thoughts we have developed the mission of creating a reliable platform of GPS enabled tailored services, where one gets the complete scope to understand and adopt its service as per their use.

Why GPSDesk?

We are a technology integrated company believing in reinventing our tech ideas with evolving times for better and result oriented services. We believe in creating services that provide real time data accessible for realistic and maximum optimization of assets put to use.

Our 8 years of industry wide experience and our creditable history of services to our customers indeed backs up our confidence in bringing our latest venture GPSDesk to you. During Mycar-city days our services were limited to individual consumers with a complete B2C Online Automobile Portal for buying and selling of cars. As a service provider we have assisted in buying and selling of cars- New and Used, Insurance and finance services, Research and Reviews for various automobile segments etc and in the process made a strong prominent stand in the industry with our credentials and reliable market dynamics.

Our latest venture GPSDesk has an experienced and very well researched team of technology experts who understand the hitch and every possible concern you can have regarding travel and logistics of anything valuable to you. One look at our services and you would know we understand your concerns better.