Wireless location of objects or people inside a building and navigate to your desired locations without any hassle


Exhaustive Tracking System with Efficient Vehicle Tracking including Route History replays, Geofencing, POIs


Comprehensive, cross-platform and end-to-end Supply Chain Management solutions


Exhaustive Dashboards and easy to read charts/reports for actionable insights with to reach maximum optimization and highest efficiency.


One of the most efficient Integrated Solutions with high levels of accuracy in route planning and scheduling to improve productivity, reduce costs and improve efficiency as well as Asset Utilization

Commercial Vehicle Tracking Solution

Commercial Vehicle Tracking Solution

Leading Vehicle Tracking Service Provider in India

GPSDesk’s School Bus Tracking System

GPSDesk’s School Bus Tracking System

Leading Vehicle Tracking service provider in India

GPSDesk’s Individual Car Tracking System

GPSDesk’s Individual Car Tracking System

Leading Vehicle Tracking Service Provider in India


Smart location tracker

Kid’s wearable (ages 4-11)

  • Bright & colorful design, robust build, and not easy to switch off
  • Multiform factor- worn on the wrist or as a school tag
  • GSM, GPS, Wi-Fi enabled
  • Wide coverage with Airtel
  • 7-day battery life

SOS & Real time tracking

  • Easy to use SOS button on the wearable. Real time tracking with precision of under 10 meters
  • Geo perimeter fencing with real-time location alerts. Location fetch can be customized to an interval of 1,3,5,10,15 minutes.
  • 24×7 SOS assistance + Local community support.