Wireless location of objects or people inside a building and navigate to your desired locations without any hassle


Exhaustive Tracking System with Efficient Vehicle Tracking including Route History replays, Geofencing, POIs


Comprehensive, cross-platform and end-to-end Supply Chain Management solutions


Exhaustive Dashboards and easy to read charts/reports for actionable insights with to reach maximum optimization and highest efficiency.


One of the most efficient Integrated Solutions with high levels of accuracy in route planning and scheduling to improve productivity, reduce costs and improve efficiency as well as Asset Utilization

Commercial Vehicle Tracking Solution

Commercial Vehicle Tracking Solution

Leading Vehicle Tracking Service Provider in India

GPSDesk’s School Bus Tracking System

GPSDesk’s School Bus Tracking System

Leading Vehicle Tracking service provider in India

GPSDesk’s Individual Car Tracking System

GPSDesk’s Individual Car Tracking System

Leading Vehicle Tracking Service Provider in India

School Desk

A new age techno-packed real –time solution to all the worries related to a child’s journey towards his bright and safe journey.

We just want to say- We understand you. Because we just got all you parents and school administrators’ the tech that will wipe out the dread right away.

School desk is an indigenous app which helps in keeping close tabs on the child’s movement and also the bus he/she takes towards his alma mater. From monitoring his steps into the bus, to understanding the driver and conductor behavior to visually ascertain the inside ambience of the bus etc everything just a click away. Any unwarranted detour, child got onto wrong bus, bus arriving late at drop point or even child dropped at the regular stop- School Desk has got you covered.

For the school administration it brings better organized control over their assets (BUS) and a better movement record of their students using the service. They can monitor pilferage, unscheduled trips, creating new routes, tracking regular movement, monitoring speeding and unwanted behavior of the bus staff etc all at one place. School desk app will contribute towards making your school become more technology upgraded and secure for parents to trust.

Offering Solutions

  • Real time Tracking & Tracing position of buses on Google Map on mobile App & web.
  • Route Optimization.
  • Customize Geo-fence and POI(Point of Interest).
  • Schedule Report generation for buses.
  • Child’s pickup & Drop alerts & Notification.
  • Boarding & De boarding attendance of child in the bus by RFID reader.
  • Live monitoring in the buses by Cameras.
  • Speed violation alert & Alarm.
  • Emergency button for driver & passengers.
  • Nearby vehicle finder.
  • Driving performance report.
  • Two way audio communication.