School Bus Tracking

Once your kid boards her school bus to leave for school, it is natural for you to worry about her well-being. With school bus tracking system, you can reduce your worries to a remarkable low by having an exclusive access to real-time data of the whereabouts of your kid.

If you represent any school management and have a fleet of school bus for daily student commuting, it is important for you to stay confident about your driver, school bus and the commuting process since your school’s trust and reputation hugely depends on it. With school bus tracking system, you can align your student commuting process by gathering real-time information about the status of any vehicle thereby improving safety of the system and gain parental trust.

GPS Desk’s school bus tracking system comes in the form of a consumer application. You can use it to check on the status and real-time data of a school bus’s whereabouts, besides knowing the driving pattern, speed and other important information. You can check the bus location using the application and even receive SMS based alerts.

Benefits for school management – Fleet managers read!

  • Safety
  • Save on costs
  • Save on time
  • Gain improved maintenance
  • Benefits for end-users – Parents read!
  • Stay relaxed
  • Ask for real-time info
  • Track activities of your kid