Wireless location of objects or people inside a building and navigate to your desired locations without any hassle


Exhaustive Tracking System with Efficient Vehicle Tracking including Route History replays, Geofencing, POIs


Comprehensive, cross-platform and end-to-end Supply Chain Management solutions


Exhaustive Dashboards and easy to read charts/reports for actionable insights with to reach maximum optimization and highest efficiency.


One of the most efficient Integrated Solutions with high levels of accuracy in route planning and scheduling to improve productivity, reduce costs and improve efficiency as well as Asset Utilization

Commercial Vehicle Tracking Solution

Commercial Vehicle Tracking Solution

Leading Vehicle Tracking Service Provider in India

GPSDesk’s School Bus Tracking System

GPSDesk’s School Bus Tracking System

Leading Vehicle Tracking service provider in India

GPSDesk’s Individual Car Tracking System

GPSDesk’s Individual Car Tracking System

Leading Vehicle Tracking Service Provider in India


TrackOptima makes it easy to find the location of a single vehicle or your entire fleet. You can quickly assign the closest vehicle to the desired destination. If a driver is lost, your GPS tracking system provides information about the vehicle’s current location, while the routing information lets you send turn-by-turn directions to your drivers’ phones.


Key Features:

 Live Tracking with Location details: You can track the current position of the vehicle with the help of GPS system. This can help with proof of delivery and allows you to monitor working-time guidelines compliance.

Route Replay:

  1.   Vehicle Trip History with alerts: You can use route replay to review a vehicle’s history and activity throughout the day. You can check Receive updates every minute when a vehicle is started, and every hour when the vehicle is off.
  2.  Route History with alerts: Route Replay visualizes daily activity and alerts as it happened in the field and on the road. Route reply helps to improve route efficiencies. We can get absolute proof of service.

 Increase the number of trips: TrackOptima can help to assign tasks whenever they spot an idle vehicle. That way, you can increase the number of trips per day. More trips translate to more business.

Live Alerts with speed detail: TrackOptima can send SMS or email alerts when your vehicle goes out of your business zone and send timely notifications in case of accidents and other mishaps so that you can take the necessary steps.We can Receive Speed Alerts to Keep Drivers Safe.

Optimize resources: TrackOptima Fleet tracking solutions allow you to monitor your vehicles and get detailed insights on fuel usage, driver behavior, engine idling, etc. in real time. With the data from a fleet management system, you can utilize your resources effectively and identify key money-saving areas.


Locate and Track your vehicles

Track your vehicle and driver based on the routes generated. Tracking is possible through GPS devices as well as Mobiles used by the users. Vehicles are tracked until the destination is reached, with intermediate alert details if any violation like overspeeding, overstaying, rash driving etc. are observed. Workforce on the field, as well as vehicles handling different articles can be tracked to observe if there are any glitches during the transport.